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we’re {not} having a baby! Central Maine is the brainchild of Amy & Lance Blackstone, a childfree couple, married since 1995 and living in Bangor since 2003.
Amy is Associate Professor of Sociology and Chair of Sociology at UMaine. When not conducting research on childfree families or teaching, Amy enjoys holding the inside line of the track while skating as Wined Up (#13% abv) for Central Maine Derby, collecting frequent flyer miles, tasting and sometimes cooking food of all types, and appreciating wine (preferably crisp, bell peppery whites and stinky, barnyard reds).

Lance’s day job involves business analysis – and wishing he didn’t have a day job. He enjoys all things tropical – in particular, snorkeling and scuba diving on tropical islands and, when not on a tropical island, propagating coral in his home reef aquariums. Lance appreciates a fine BourbonScotch, or beer now and again. He’s a bit snarky and likes to channel his inner Andy Rooney.

Together, we offer musings {sometimes sociological, sometimes snarky, always entertaining} on the childfree life.

Email: werenothavingababy@gmail.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/WereNotHavingABaby
Twitter: @nothavingababy